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Terry Litchfield

Clinical Advisor

A dedicated patient advocate; her husband Bill prior to his death a few years ago celebrated 46 years of renal replacement therapy.  He was one of the 4 patients who testified for House Ways and Means with one of them dialyzing before members of congress to pass Medicare legislation for ESRD.  She serves on the KHI Patient and Family Partnership Council and AAKP to name a few of her patient advocacy roles.  As the care partner during home dialysis or supportive of in center care, she well knows the impact of kidney disease on a family.


She also spent more than 30 years in the health care field, with an emphasis on dialysis-related care.  Until recently, Terry headed up clinical operations at Lifeline Vascular Access.  She has a unique insight into the changes of the current healthcare environment related to endovascular disease treatments, particularly those involving renal patients.  Twenty years ago Terry Foust Litchfield was one of 4 founders of Lifeline Vascular Access and was an early leader in dialysis access care outside of hospitals.


Best known for her outcomes research and disease management for renal disease and chronic kidney disease patients, she is the author of a number of publications in the field in addition to multiple publications and presentations related to Patient Engagement and Satisfaction with care.


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